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• Bitcoin Mining Power Generation Source (using miner rack waste heat)

• Supercritical CO2 High Energy Density Working Fluid for Cooling and Power

• Producing the World's First Solid State ElectroStatic Turbine

• Use 95 Percent Of The World's Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

• Made in the USA   |   More about Infinity Turbine

• TriboElectric Electrostatic Precipitation Oil Recovery System (CO2 Systems) 

• ESP (Electro Static Precipitation) Technology

• Use Electrostatics to Increase Heat Transfer Efficiency

• Electrostatics for Increased Thermal Efficiency of Boilers and Condensers 

• Direct Drive DC Power

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• Industrial  | Geothermal  |  Solar  |  Data Center  |  Compressor  |  Biomass

Bitcoin Mining With Infinity Turbine TriboGen and Waste Heat to Power Generation

Can waste heat be used for Bitcoin mining ? 

Depends. Your return on investment (ROI) will need to be analyzed when compared to your current grid-source power. If your grid-based power is $.10 a kwh, then you need to be able to purchase fuel and produce below that level (including maintenance and acquisition price). If you have a free fuel source (i.e. stranded gas, biogas, solar thermal, geothermal, industrial waste heat, or other low cost sources) you may have a significant advantage.


What quality of waste heat is required for this technology? 

The advantage of CO2 is that it goes supercritical at 31 C (around 89F), which means you may be able to use the waste heat from your miners rack to help generate power.


What are power requirements for a Bitcoin mining rack ? 

Typically a rack of 45 miners will consume about 65 kw/hr. In some countries (like Canada) there are some significant carbon credits that can be utilized for using solar, waste-heat-to-power, or other alternative sources. In the USA, there is a 10 percent Federal Tax Credit for microturbines and combined heat and power installations. For most Bitcoin miners, the two big energy factors are power to run the rack, and then cooling for both the rack and facility. Using geothermal, you can realize a significant energy savings using the Earth as a heat sink. In colder climates, you can use outdoor cooler temperatures for free cooling. Using parabolic reflectors pointed at the dark sky, you can utilizing the cold of space for cooling. You can even take advantage of grid-based power using a Tesla Wall to accumulate power during the off-peak (off-demand) hours, and then using that power to off-set demand hour rates. You can also take advantage of a ice system called Calmac, which uses off-peak power to freeze or cool a solution, which can then be used during peak hour HVAC and rack cooling. 


Looking for Waste Heat to Energy for Low Cost Power Generation ? Consider Supercritical CO2 (R744) Brayton Cycle 


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