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• Producing The World's First Solid State Turbine

• Use 95 Percent Of The World's Available Waste Heat For Fuel Source

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• TriboElectric Electrostatic Precipitation Oil Recovery System (CO2 Systems)

• Direct Drive DC Power

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Infinity Turbine Machine Shop Services

Infinity Turbine machine shop uses a Omax waterjet
Infinity Turbine machine shop uses a Haas VSS machine center
Infinity Turbine Axial Flow Turbine with DC Generator
Infinity Turbine waterjet art
Infinity Turbine waterjet art - Aztec Calendar

Omax 55100 


Infinity Turbine LLC is now offering waterjet machining/cutting services with our new Omax 55100 waterjet machine.  We have the Tilt-A-Jet option which allows perfectly vertical cuts, and a precision optical locator for pre or post CNC machining operations.


Hourly Waterjet Running Rate: $300 per hour

Waterjet Set Up and Finishing (non machine time) $150 per hour

Minimum Order: $500

Material:  Supplied by customer and delivered to our waterjet facility

Shipping: Additional


Depending on material thickness, the water jet can run as fast as 180 inches per minute.  Smaller objects can be nested on a larger sheet of material.


Materials:  We can waterjet granite, aluminum, stainless steel, acylic, plexiglass, glass and a host of other materials.  



The OMAX 55100 JetMachining® Center is the largest of our cantilever-style machines. With a completely sealed and protected Ball Screw Drive System, the OMAX 55100 is a robust and reliable workhorse for shops using larger stock. This model comes standard with a OMAX MAXJET® 5 Nozzle and a Bulk Abrasive Delivery System. It rapidly and precisely gets the job done, maximizing both machine time and profit margins.


Table size of 10' 6' x 5' 5' (3200 mm x 1650 mm)   

A cantilever Y-axis on a bridge X-axis, with a motorized Z-axis allows for material loading from three open sides

A work envelope offering an X-Y cutting travel of 8' 4" x 4' 7" (2540 mm x 1397 mm)


HAAS Vertical Milling Machine 


Photos of our new Haas VF3-SSYT Vertical Milling CNC Machine. We are currently making 12-24 inch diameter ORC turbines and ORC system parts.

Infinity Turbine waterjet art - Aztec Calendar - originally commission by Infinity Turbine 2014
Infinity Turbine radial outflow turbine
Infinity Turbine nose cone rotor of ROT turbine