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Publication Title | Modeling of Thermal Exposure Effect on the Microstructure Evolution and Properties

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Table of Contents

Sponsors, Committees, Preface

FEM Simulation of Multipass Shape Rolling Processes

H.L. Yu and X.H. Liu


Effect of Extruding Parameters on Soybean Oil Yield of Enzyme-Assisted Aqueous Extraction Processing

Y. Li, L.Z. Jiang and G.H. Qiao


Slurry Preparation: A Key to Upgrade CMP Efficiency

C.H. Zhang, H. Lei and X.L. Hu


Research on Network Manufacturing Resource Discovery Based on Joint Mechanism

L.B. Zheng, J.N. Gu and X.F. Liv


Estimation of Bed Load Transport Rate Based on Grain Froude Similarity Considering the Existence of Sand Waves

B.Q. Wei, H.Y. Xun, X.J. Sun and R.G. Xiao


Effect of Contact Interface Pressure on Higher-Order Harmonic Wave and Bond Strength

Z.H. Li, Y.X. Wu and Z.L. Long


Computation and Analysis of Unbalancing Responses of High Speed Machining Tool System

C.G. Shen, G.C. Wang, S.L. Wang, W.W. Nie and G. Liu


Production System Optimal Operation Model Based on Large-Scale System Theory

Z.G. Wang


Temperature Evaluation of Combined Plasma Arc for High Temperature Materials Processing by Computational Simulation

J.B. Meng, X.J. Dong and W.J. Xu


Effects of Wettability and Zeta Potential of Filter Medium on Oil Removal

Q. Chang, B.W. Yang and B.G. Wei


An Approach Based on the Classical Free-Electron Theory to Study Electroplastic Effect

D.L. Li and E.L. Yu


Study on Segmented Variable Blank Holder Force Method of Rectangular Box Drawing

X.N. Li, C.Y. Jiang, J.P. Wang and Z.Q. Wang


Numerical Simulation of Fracture Propagation of Concrete on Meso-Level

F. Wu


Criterion for Dendrite Fragmentation of Steel under Imposition of Linear Traveling EMS

J. Chen, Z. Su, K. Nakajima and J.C. He


Simulation Analysis of Emergency Evacuation on Large Passenger Rail Terminal

Y.H. Liang, X. Zhang and P. Zheng


Investigation into the Effect of the Nut Thread Cutting on the Stress Distribution in a Bolt Using the Finite Element Method

Z.D. Duan, J.F. Gao and T.M. Su


Integrated Simulation of Castings Deformation during Casting and Heat Treatment Processes

H.L. Yu, J.W. Kang, S.X. Huang and T.Y. Huang


Research on Internal Force and Deformation of Supporting Rock-Socketed Piles Based on Ultimate Resistance Mechanics Theory

F. Chen, H. Qin and C. Gao


Study on High-Density-Copper Grain-Refining Cu-W Composites

D.Q. Tan, Q. Chen, F.X. Yu and W.X. Li


Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization of an Water-Soluble Conducting Poly (1,4- Diaminobenzene-Acrylic Acid)

J.Y. Zeng, W.B. Zhang, S.Q. Liao, D.X. Zhang, Y.P. Wang, Y.X. Wang and F.R. Liu


Approximate Feedback Linearization Control for High Precision Hydraulic Parallel Machine Tool

C.F. Yang, S.T. Zheng, P.O. Ogbobe and J.W. Han


Experimental Research on the Abrasive Belt Grinding Blades Material 1Cr13 Stainless Steel

C.Q. Yang, Y. Huang, Z. Huang and X.Z. Li


Image | Modeling of Thermal Exposure Effect on the Microstructure Evolution and Properties

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