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Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today

(TKS Publisher)

7th Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications


symposium on "Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications" which was held in Delft (The Netherlands) on September 29

– October 1, 2015.

Due to the positive feedback on the practical

session performed in Budapest, TKS team organized in Delft a half day of “hands on”

and a final Roundtable. The teachers of the training session – Kerry Gilmore (Max Planck Institute) and Peter Poechlauer (DPx Fine Chemicals Austria) – based their inputs on the training session of the year before and added new important data especially on the application side.

The participation was really strong thanks also to the strategical geographic area where many companies are involved in flow chemistry or are looking at this technology with great interest. The two days agenda were chaired by Jean Marie Bassett (Chem4Chem, formerly TNO) and provided presentations of case studies both on Pharma and Fine Chemicals Industries, of work-up solutions and analytical technologies. Two contemporary workshops, held by Ernie Hillier (Waters Corporation) and Mark Roeland (TNO), entered into details of analytical technologies and downstream processing. A final roundtable summarized the most important issues raised during the event and saw the participation not only of the speakers but also of participants. An exhibition area with companies showcasing their equipment and services completed the offer of the event.

Below a summary of the Practical session, lectures, vendor communications, posters and workshops.

People were divided into groups and took part in the demonstrations held by ve companies. Please nd the details below.

Viktor Gyollai - AM Technology

Ef cient liquid-liquid extraction using Coflore dynamically mixed flow reactor

The Co ore® mixing technology has been shown to give

high mixing intensity independent of uid velocity for both homogenous and multi-phase systems. Strong mixing is bene cial to mass transfer limited reactions but also to work

up steps such as extraction. Moreover, the ability to have

two streams owing in counter current can bring signi cant advantage in terms of extraction ef ciency and reduction in solvent use. The Co ore ACX block ts into the same anges and shaking platform as the Co ore ACR reactor and it can be heated to drive the separation. It comprises of up to 8 mixing cells and separate channels for the light and heavy phases. The uid with higher density is injected at the second top cell of the block through the side port while the lighter phase is injected via the side port at the second cell from the bottom. The raf nate and the extracts come out from the bottom and top outlets respectively. The extractor performance is dependent on ef cient mixing of immiscible uids and good phase disengagement.

During the practical session the solution of an acid-base indicator in aqueous acetic acid was extracted using petroleum ether. The intense red solution lost its colour gradually as it travelled down the extractor.

The participants also had the opportunity to have a closer look at the ACR block to be able to quickly understand why the mixing is so ef cient in the Co ore reactors.

Charlotte Wiles - Chemtrix

A safe and ef cient method for the preparation of organic azides under continuous flow

Looking to the chemical industry, we see that the use of

Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today - vol. 34(1) January/February 2016

Gayle De Maria

Almost as a yearly tradition – for the 7 consecutive year - we are now ready to share

session where a limited number of people could participate actively in the performance of the different reactions. The remaining part of the

conference was made up of a theoretical training course, technical and commercial presentations, workshops

with our readers information concerning our latest



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